63 Days Of Love Tour // Atlas Genius // San Francisco, CA

Aussie duo Atlas Genius brought their 63 Days of Love Tour to the legendary Fillmore in San Francisco on Sunday September 24th. They were joined by indie alternative band Flor and pop rock band Half the Animal.

Half the Animal opened the show with an electric set featuring their songs, Babylon, If You Want My Love and their new single Bad Bad Love as well as a few new songs. Half the Animal is, Chase Johnson, Nick Gross, Evan Smith and Dan Graham. For all things Half the Animal follow them @halftheanimal

Next up was the band Flor. Flor has created a unique sound that does not specifically fit a genera. They played a wonderful mix of electric and acoustic songs featuring their songs, guarded, restless soul and heart, all off their latest album come out, you’re hiding. They also covered Coldplay’s song Yellow. Flor is, Zach Grace, McKinley Kitts, Kyle Hill and Dylan Williams. For all things flor follow them @flor

Finally it was time for Atlas Genius to take the stage. The fans were antsy to see the Australian duo play a headlining a set. Playing an incredible mix of songs ranging from their first album [When It Was Now] to their second album [Inanimate Objects] they even played a few new songs from an unannounced new album presumed to be released sometime late this year or early next year. Atlas Genius put on an incredible show filled with their major hits like, Trojans, If So, 63 Days and Molecules. To end the show singer Keith Jeffery asked the audience to join him in making a promise. He first had a fan come on stage to help him make this promise. He asked the crowd to join him in making a promise to spread love and happiness for 63 days straight. To do this he asked people to do a “soul stare”. The soul stare is when you place your foreheads together to make the promise that you will spread love and happiness for 63 days. Atlas Genius is, Keith Jeffery and Michael Jeffery, as well as their traveling band, Steven Jeffery, Josh Rheault and Daniel Curcio. For all things to do with Atlas Genius follow them @atlasgenius

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Flor’s Setlist

Warm Blood

Restless Soul (acoustic)



Back Again


Let Me In


Hold On