Elohim // San Francisco, CA

“Welcome to the world of Elohim. You are beautiful. You give the world light. Make friends with the humans around you. We are all one. Let’s enjoy the night. I love you all the way. XAAX, EL,” read the two LED boards on stage as fans walked into Slims, in San Francisco.



The singer, songwriter, and producer who has made a name for herself through music full of intoxicating electronic beats and revealing lyrics that explore themes like anxiety and depression. Fans eagerly awaited for doors to open at Slims in San Francisco on Saturday April 7th. Some saying that this would be their first time seeing El, and others saying that they have seen her everytime she has been in the Bay Area.


In a recent interview with The Bay Bridged, Elohim stated that she loves performing because it gives the audience an escape from reality and a place where they feel totally and completely loved and accepted. That is what I do this for. You could really feel all the love in the room. It was an overwhelming sense of unity and love throughout the whole night.


El just finished up her headlining tour which included two weekends at Coachella and is about to go out on tour with The Glitch Mob. Elohim’s self-titled album comes out on April 27th and includes the singles, “F**k Your Money” and “Half Love”.

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