I Met You When I Was 18 Tour // LAUV & Ashe // San Francisco

Not even a cold and rainy Wednesday could stop fans from lining up down Fell Street in San Francisco outside the legendary Rickshaw Stop. Constantly being asked, “Why are you in line?” and “Who are you seeing tonight?” Fans patiently waited for San Francisco native Ari Staprans Leff or maybe better known as his stage name LAUV to hit the stage. This was the second night of a 2 night sold out run in San Francisco and all the fans who couldn’t attend the show the night before at the Independent showed up!

San Jose native Ashe (Ashlyn Miller) opened the night up with her merging of more pop sounding music with her singer songwriter roots. With only having two official songs out under her name there was plenty of room for new music and some old fan favorites! Despite having only 2 songs Ashe has collaborated with huge names such as Louis the Child and Whethan. Ashe played her fan favorites, Can’t Hide and Used to It. She also teased her new single called, Choirs. With there being hardly any room to move and jump around on stage Ashe still managed to not fall while dancing! Ashe has an ongoing joke about how she is bound to fall on stage and everyone is going to laugh with her, with that said congrats on not falling on stage!

With this show being one of the smallest venues on LAUV’s nearly sold out world tour, I Met You When I Was 18 Tour. LAUV’s touring key’s player, Victoria Aycock told me that this was one of the largest productions that the Rickshaw Stop had ever seen! A compliment like that had the whole crew honored, especially seeing bands such as The Killers, Alt-J and Oh Wonder have all played this iconic San Francisco venue. She went on to tell me that they usually play with a full set up and that her and Rob Ernst (drummer and music director for LAUV) are typically on risers and have maybe twice as many lights. Even with probably about half of the production and lights that they usually have it was one of the best if not the best productions that I have seen at the Rickshaw Stop.

LAUV played all of his songs in his playlist, I Met You When I Was 18 as well as a few new songs and his song that he has with DJ Snake. LAUV’s playlist is a story about, “being lost. being in love for the first time. this is a story and I’m still piecing it together. i will add new songs as I do.” Something special that LAUV is doing while on tour is he has a book called My Blue Thoughts. This book is where you can write anything down that you want to get off your chest, or something that has been holding you back. It is a place where you can be as honest and free as you want to be. If you are not going to a show you can still participate in this at mybluethoughts.world

For everything LAUV related make sure to follow him on his social @lauvsongs and his website is lauvsongs.com. To participate in My Blue Thoughts go to mybluethoughts.world. For all things related to Ashe make sure to follow her on her socials @ashemusic and her website is ashe-music.com.